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At Prairie Retreat Farm, we lovingly produce quality Shetland sheep, using their fleece to provide natural roving and yarns for you to use in creating beautiful wool garments, accessories and works of art. 

We offer lovely fleece and roving to hand spinners and felters, hand spun and mill spun yarns in natural colors for knitters and crocheters, and animals to Shetland sheep lovers  for breeding stock and fiber pets.


We offer the following products in natural Shetland fleece colors of black, white, brown, tan, fawn, grey, and black and white spotted fleece that blend into a lovely unique marble color.

Please note that we do not coat our sheep, so some vegetable matter will be present, which should come out with washing, carding, and spinning. Staple lengths tend to range from 3 to 6 inches.

To purchase any of the following products:
Contact us by email via kstewart@PrairieRetreatFarm.com or call (319) 482-3621 to determine availability and arrange for shipment.

Your personal check or money order is welcome as payment. Once payment is received, we will immediately ship the fiber directly to you. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

Money back guarantee!
We want you to be thrilled with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please return within two weeks for a refund minus shipping both ways.


Direct from the animal to you!

Unskirted fleece

Sold as is, right off the sheep, for $11 per pound

Skirted fleece

Sold for $12 per pound.

It will be lightly skirted to get rid of dung tabs and coarser britch, and some of the vegetable matter and second cuts.


Lovely, clean, soft Shetland wool ready to spin or felt; both colored and white wools take dye well, if desired.

Sold for $3 per ounce.

Hand Spun Yarn

Beautifully soft yarns from fiber that has been washed, carded, hand spun , and hand plyed into two-ply yarn.

Sold for $.12 per yard.

Mill Spun Yarn

Soft, uniform yarns that have been washed, carded, and spun mechanically on a mill spinner.

Sold for $ .07 – $.10 per yard.

Fiber Pets

Occasionally, we have male lambs that have been rejected soon after birth and need to be bottle fed.

Once this human bond has been established, leaving this male intact as a ram is not recommended because of possible problems with aggression toward humans.

Thus, they are wethered but very fond of humans and make lovely pets with wonderful fleece.

Registered Breeding Stock

Our flock originated with Crosswinds quality stock, selectively bred for good conformation and soft, lustrous fleece.

We occasionally have registered ewes and rams for sale.

About Us

After living in the British Isles for 6 years, we returned to our home state of Iowa to raise our family, farming part-time prior to full-time farming after retirement.

Our Scottish/Irish heritage led us to explore ancient Celtic sheep breeds with hardy, self-sufficient living styles.

The Shetland’s quality fleece with lustrous, soft fiber and the animal’s friendly temperament made them a perfect choice for our family farm

Our family considers Prairie Retreat Farm our family epicenter. We have followed our family’s footsteps and chosen this Iowa farm on which to raise our family, produce our agricultural crops and livestock, and contribute to our community.

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298 Martelle Road
Martelle, IA 52305
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